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Plainfield Youth Basketball Club (PYBC) will be having their annual tryouts , for our boys travel basketball teams, grades 2-6th.   We will have one  2nd grade team and 2 teams in grades 3, 4,5, and 6.  The number of players per team will range from 8-10 players.  The players will be selected by a combination of board members, Plainfield Basketball Varsity staff, and PCMS boys staff.  The tryouts will be closed door, and parents may wait in the High School/MIddle School lobbies for tryouts to conclude.   Parents will then be notified , via email , if their child should attend their grade levels final tryout.    Team rosters will be posted no later than Sept. 30th.    2 graders will have a 1 time evaluation and are required to attend this session to participate.  Please arrive at least 25  minutes prior to each session to check in.  Please email if you have an interest in coaching.  If your child is selected to participate , further instructions will follow.   Cost: $75   (+$4.50 if paying online) . Uniform (may use last years) : $50.  Shooting Shirt $25.  Please see below for further info regarding practices, games, expectations. 

2nd grade: Sept. 14th HS  6:30-8PM

3rd grade: Sept. 11th HS 6:30-8PM   /////   Call back Sunday Sept. 17th Middle School 12PM-1:15

4th grade: Sept. 11th HS 6:30-8PM   /////   Call back Sunday Sept. 17th Middle School 12PM-1:15

5th grade:Sept. 14th HS 6:30-8PM   /////   Call back Sunday Sept. 17th Middle School 1:30PM -3PM

6th grade: Sept. 14th HS 6:30-8PM   /////   Call back Sunday Sept. 17th Middle School 1:30PM-3PM


Plainfield Youth Basketball Club

Plainfield Youth Basketball Club (PYBC) is a competitive boys travel basketball club for 2nd-6th graders.  PYBC  teams will practice 2-3 x a week and all teams are entered into the Indy Hoops League.  Indy Hoops games run mid November through mid February.  Teams will also generally participate in at least 2 tournaments and possibly another local league that is played on Saturdays.  These will be up to each teams/ coaches discretion.  Participants are expected to be fully committed to attend all games and practices, and should take priority over any other basketball league, or other sports that they may be entered in. Parents are asked to please volunteer a minimum of 2 hours on one of our host dates.


Plainfield Youth Basketball Mission:

To provide an environment for our youth to develop basketball fundamentals, life skills, and the enjoyment of playing basketball.

To provide coaches who will: teach basketball fundamentals as a foundation; display the qualities of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship; and who will help all players regardless of skill or ability to improve upon previously learned basketball skills, elevating their own confidence and abilities.

PYBC is the feeder program for the Boys Basketball programs in the Plainfield School system.  PYBC is committed to developing athletes who demonstrate solid fundamentals in order to be highly competitive at Plainfield High School in the future.  To achieve this, we will focus on building a foundation of fundamentals, so that the Plainfield High School basketball programs will have sustainable success. 

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